Company and business overviews
Our company
Shanghai Yuan Zhi Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd was incorporated in 2007 in Shanghai, China. We are a industrial consumables and machinery distribution
company. Our products include SIMONDS bandsaw blades and COSEN bandsaw machines. Our office and warehouse in Nanxiang Town , Shanghai .
Our business
1) Authorized Distributor of SIMONDS bandsaw blades
Shanghai Yuan Zhi Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd markets and sells SIMONDS A8 Broadband, Blockbuster, IC Enduro , Deiband and Siclone bi-metal blades, Triple Chip carbide
tipped blade , carbon bandsaw blades and Red Streak woodworking carbon, bi-metal and carbide tipped bandsaw blades . SIMONDS bandsaw blades are all manufactured
in Simonds International USA factory.
Our business
Sales and marketing
1) dealerships network throughout China
2) Sales team selling direct end-users
3) Web-based internet sales
We maintain a sizeable quantity of SIMONDS coil stock ranging from 27mm to 80mm widths in our Nanxiang Town , Shanghai warehouse.
Welding Services for bandsaw blades
We provide welding services from our welding centre. We have an IDEAL BS 120 welder which welds bandsaw blades ranging from 27mm to 100mm widths.
About Simonds International USA
Simonds International was established since 1832 is one of the world’s leading bandsaw and circular saw blade manufacturer. Its main factory is located
in Fitchburg, Massachusettes, USA and together with its worldwide factories in USA, South America and Germany maintains manufacturing space of about
93,000 square metres or 1,000,000 square feet. Simonds International wholly owns WESPA ( Germany ).
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